Argentine students awarded by Ireland

Last April the Irish embassy held a creative writing competition and invited allthose schools across the countrythat are linked to Ireland. Third-year student, Maia Exposito, from the Irish College Senior School ofAdrogue, was awarded the first prize at theEssay Writing Competition 2016.

Maia won in her category, Intermediate. Additionally, she obtained the Admiral Brown Cup for the best essay of the competition that was held at St. Brendan’s Collegein the City of Buenos Aires. The event took place in April but the essays were sent to Ireland for assessment and it was not until September 29th that the schools were notified.

“Ana Clementi (School General Head) called and told me that they had a surprise in store for me. I guessed it had to do with this since I had been waiting for the results and I was eager to know how I did. However,I never thought it would be that good,” says Maia and she adds, “Winning thisaward made me very happy because I worked very hard with Ana Krapp, my Language teacher.”

Maia’s story is about an Arab girl, “Daughter to a man with a key position in his town, she has reached that age at whicha girl can no longer stay single and consequently she is forced to marry. However, she isreluctant to do it and she decides to flee the city,” says the winner of the Essay Writing Competition. The story develops as the main character passes herself off as a man who eventually becomes a well-known doctor. Not knowing the doctor’s true identity, her father, who has contracted a serious illness, hires her. “I don’t know whether to tell you about the ending or not,” says Maia and she smiles. As the good writer she is, she chooses to keep us in suspense.

The students were required to choosea title, a passage, a video or a photograph as a starting point for writing their stories. “I chose a photograph of two hands clasped tightly together,” decided Maia. And inspired by it, she developed her story which was based on gender, cultural and ideological issues.

“We want to give our heartiest congratulations to Maia on her commitment and hard work; to her family,to the Irish Collegethat trusted us and to the English Senior Team, who work with the students to get the best from each and every one of them,” proudly says Laura Podmoguilnye, Senior School Head.

The Irish College is located in the city of Adrogue, in theadministrative area of Almirante Brown (Admiral Brown), 25 kilometres away from the Argentine capital. It is a bilingual school with over 400 students in its three education levels: Nursery, Junior and Senior School. It is run as a parent cooperative;the pillars of which are democratic management, voluntary and open joining, autonomy and independence, education, and work for the community.

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